Ray and Sher's Shipway Light-Sport and Ultralight Aviation services provides Sport Pilot and Ultralight pilot training, Basic Flight Reviews and Proficiency Checks for your Light-Sport aircraft. We provide Quicksilver sales and services, including owner building assistance in Cloverdale, CA 060 (Cloverdale Airport designator) thirty miles north of Santa Rosa on Hwy 101. Light-Sport planes and Ultralights are very light weight, single and two seat aircraft are used for sport and recreation. We can set you up with Floats to attach to your plane so you can land and or take-off from water. They fly “low and slow” during the day and good weather conditions. The term ultralight can include everything from unpowered hang gliders to powered parachutes to fully instrumented, sleek-looking “cruisers” weighing less than 254 pounds. Flying an ultralight does not require a pilot certificate and there are no minimum age or training requirements. Because they are often easier to operate, training normally takes just 10-20 hours. Aircraft costs are also low, with average new ultralights costing between $8,000-$15,000. Used ultralights can cost as little as $5000!

2014 is going out with a bang for Shipway Aviation

We sold our Quicksilver MXL II, took in a MXl sport and sold the Sport the same evening!  Two sales for the year.  woo woo.  Rob C found our ad on the Barnstormers Site and started the negotiations from Phoenix.  My Adopted Son Ryan was looking for a single seat Quicksilver 103 ultralight which is what Rob had.  25 e-mails and an exchange of video walk a rounds got Rob and his Lady Ann into their truck and trailer heading for Cloverdale.  13 hours later we were shaking hands and tradin planes and money.  I like this business!!

Wings Over Wine Country Air Show 2014

When: Sept 20-21, 2014
Where: Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport, Santa Rosa, CA

Sher and I will be at the Wings Over Wine Country Air Show with our restored 1992 Quicksilver MXL II.  We should have plenty of information on the New Quicksilver line-up of aircraft.  Our give-a-way will be an introductory flight per day of the Air Show.  A special Facebook friend, Jason Pearson, will be here to install the pyrotechnics on a very interesting Ultralight Demonstration.  For more information on daily activities follow the link 

Clear Lake Splash In 2014

When: Sept 28-31, 2014
Where: Clear Lake, CA
As you can tell the Pacific Coast Air Show / Museum has moved from August to September which means it’s going to come close to conflicting with the Clearlake Splash In, Anyway, there is no way in the ol' world Sher and I will miss the Splash In.  It's one of our favorite things to do with our clothes on.  The Splash In will have an extra day this year which to us means more float flyin’ and more meetin' and greetin'.  We are really looking forward to intro flights for those who want to fly over the water.  C Ya