Cloverdale Airport Open House and Young Eagles

It’s that time again!! Young Eagles and Free Airplane Rides!! How much more fun could you ask for?
Shipway Aviation once again will be hosting the ‘Open House’, they are located at Hangar 10.
Ray and Sher will be offering ‘Intro Flights, Quicksilver Aircraft will be on display, and as an added bonus Shipway Aviation will pay fuel expense on any UltraLight visiting.  Be sure to check-in with them.
This is the Saturday before Mother’s Day!    Be sure to include your ‘Mother’
When:    Saturday, May 11th, 2019
Where:  Cloverdale Airport (060), 220 Airport Road, Cloverdale, CA 
Kids ages:  8-17

More information and you can sign-up for reservations on-line at:


A great time was had at this years Clearlake Splash-in

Unfortunately, there were a limited number of attendees due to the fires we have had here in Northern California but those who attended enjoyed the weekend.  Yes, the mountains were scarred, and the air was a little smokie, but we still had a great time.  I am attaching pictures we took of the beautiful skies and the lake.  Landing and take-off on the water.  We even took the opportunity to start teaching sport light pilots.  Please enjoy our pictures and we look forward to seeing you next year.