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Captain Ray:
A native of California, he was raised in San Jose. He spent 6 years in the Navy, riding in the Subs.  He returned to civilian life and moved to the Delta, and began his career working on the tug boats for the Masters, Mates, and Pilots Union companies, working his way up to Captain.  After 30 years, he left his position on the boats to become the Union Regional Representative for the Masters, Mates, and Pilots Union. Not busy enough Ray also owned and operated his own Vessel Assist Company with his family. Salvage and Diving were another passion coming from that ten year operation.  And while diving on boats was second nature diving on aircraft was quite another.  After raising the second airplane from the delta, Ray made a quick trip to the local airport to learn more on how to lift these seemingly fragile aircraft without damage.  Gaining more knowledge than anticipated plus an invitation for a plane ride was a change of life and a new avocation.  Flying, a long thought about but never acted on was going to become a reality.  

During and after that time, Ray raised 2 boys while being married for 28 years.  He became interested and began flying ultralight craft, receiving a USUA (United States Ultralight Association) Pilots License.  Opting to move forward he then moved on to an Aventura II, Cessna 152 and Cessna 172, Piper Warrior and Piper Arrow to complete his training and receive a Private Pilot’s license for both single engine Land and Sea.  In 1999 he bought a “Starduster Too” biplane to explore the third dimension “aerobatics”.

In 2002, he moved to Santa Rosa and re-established a relationship with his high school sweetheart, and now, his wonderful wife and partner, “Sher”.    In 2004 Sher took her first ride in a Quicksilver ultralight and was immediately smitten.  The Captain and Sher purchased and restored a 1992 Quicksilver MXL II (N92QK). This work, plus other studies, including training at Rainbow Aviation, enabled Capt. Ray to receive a Repairman endorsement from the FAA.  Purchasing a set of Full Lotus Floats set up float flying on the lake during the summer; great fun for the two of them.  Building a custom trailer insured transportation and storage for the Quicksilver. The Starduster continued to be hangared at the local EAA Chapter 124 at Charles Schultz Airport (KSTS).  In 2013, both aircraft were moved to the Cloverdale Airport (O60) in the now famous “HANGAR 10”.  Refitting the hangar for Teaching and Training students how to fly Quicksilvers will be the high point for the Captain, also known as “Ray” to friends and Family.

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