Ray and Sher's Shipway Ultralight Aviation services provides Ultalight pilot training and services in Cloverdale, CA 060 (Cloverdale Airport designator) thirty miles north of Santa Rosa on Hwy 101. Ultralights are very light weight single seat aircraft used for sport and recreation. They fly “low and slow” during the day and good weather conditions. The term ultralight can include everything from unpowered hang gliders to powered parachutes to fully instrumented, sleek-looking “cruisers” weighing less than 254 pounds. Flying an ultralight does not require a pilot certificate and there are no minimum age or training requirements. Because they are often easier to operate, training normally takes just 10-20 hours. Aircraft costs are also low, with average new ultralights costing between $8,000-$15,000. Used ultralights can cost as little as $5000!


The FAA published a policy update to the Federal Register on June 15 focusing on hangar use at federally obligated airports.  The update will take effect July 1, 2017, and is meant to be a clarification of “how aviation facilities—including hangars can be used on airports that receive federal funds,” according to the FAA.

June 15, 2016 By Joe Kildea

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So Sher has decided she wants to order new sails for our newest Quicksilver.  She is ordering a set with the same coloring as the old ultralight.  Ron Gonci of The Ultralight Store (RGonci@roadrunner.com) is completing our order and will be sending a timeline for order!  Thanks Ron.

The attached pictures show the sail colors we are ordering.

Cloverdale Airport O60 ~ Open House May 7, 2016

Wrap Quality Sport Planes’ Zenith Airplane Fly-In, EAA Young Eagles, NorCal Skydiving and guest appearances by Warbirds to Ultralights and you get "The Cloverdale Airport Open House".  

Shipway Aviation will be there to assist in everything but Lunch!  The Cloverdale Lions Club will provide Hot Dogs and Burgers. Yummy