Cloverdale Open House 2018

Cloverdale Airport (060) was a total blast this year!  For the enjoyment of the day we had:

  • Fly-In’s
  • BBQ by the Cloverdale Lions Club
  • Demonstration flights
  • Kit assembly displays
  • Nor-Cal Skydivers
  • And just a lot of aircraft to see

Watch for the Cloverdale Open House Next year in about 12 months!


Moving planes up on blocks!

 I have put my flying machines on blocks at the Cloverdale Airport (060) to help protect them from the massive rains hitting the Northern California area this past week.  As soon as we can get access to the airport (just the access road was under water) we’ll know how our efforts have succeeded!  And by the way, our Starduster is still on the market and most importantly safe in our hangar. (Check the blog below)