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Clear Lake Splash In 2014

When: Sept 28-31, 2014
Where: Clear Lake, CA
As you can tell the Pacific Coast Air Show / Museum has moved from August to September which means it’s going to come close to conflicting with the Clearlake Splash In, Anyway, there is no way in the ol' world Sher and I will miss the Splash In.  It's one of our favorite things to do with our clothes on.  The Splash In will have an extra day this year which to us means more float flyin’ and more meetin' and greetin'.  We are really looking forward to intro flights for those who want to fly over the water.  C Ya

Electric Aircraft Symposium 2014

When: April 25, 26, 2014
Where: Santa Rosa, CA

Is anyone interested in going to the Electric Aircraft Symposium this year?  It has been my pleasure to attend the last two years and I'm looking forward to this year’s gathering as well.  If you ever had a question regarding electric this is the place for answers.  The future is now and it cannot be more exciting come and listen!  Check out the CAFE web site and follow the links and information.  Great time and right here in Santa Rosa.  See you at the Flamingo!

Motor Glider being built for Quicksilver by our friends at Rainbow Aviation

Talk about a fun site to wander thru check out Electric Motor Glider with links to all kinds of ultralight and light sport aircraft stuff this sight will keep you busy for a long while.  I'm really excited about the new Motor Glider being built for Quicksilver by our friends at Rainbow Aviation.  Brian as you come to find out is an aircraft builder and an instructor.  This new design is wonderful in its simplicity and 103ness.  Carol is a lovely Lady and instructor par excellent as well.